Feedback is important for me, it helps me appreciate and enjoy what i love doing. It also shows me areas in which i can improve in my work.

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 ~ I have received both the photo and the mug from the Irish Water Spaniel training event. We were very impressed with all of the weekends photographs. Thank you for such a prompt and efficient service. - Pauline Probert~

~ Lovely pictures and brilliant fast service - couldn't be better pleased!! - Laraine Malvern~

~I highly recommend Scott Owen Photography - the photos of our beautiful  puppy are fantastic Scott is very professional and has a calm manner -  just what you need for pet portraits! - Emma King~

~I'm amazed at how these pictures have turned out! Thanks for a brilliant day They're amazing! Be seeing you again sometime soon! - Ricky & Sian~

~Thanks Scott, I had a sneak preview at work - beautiful photos as ever. - David Wilcox~

~You captured some great moments of the show! Absolutely brill! X. - Jodey Lea Priestnall~

~Stunning pics Scott, thank you!. - Simon Treagust~

~The best maetloaf photos I've ever seen!. - Jani Treagust~

~Amazing!. - Patrick Haveron~

~Love this Photo. -Hannibal Clem Hellmurto~

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